Managament Team

The driving force of PANAS is its Director Mr. S. Bhattacharjee. Mr. Bhattacharjee has been the General Manager at the Cotton Corporation of India Ltd. (CCI), a PSU under the ministry of textiles, Govt. Of India. He is a gamut of knowledge when it comes to cotton. His knowledge knows no bounds in regards to raw cotton, its various types and quality, and processing techniques. He has over 42 years of hands-on understanding of both International and domestic marketing intricacies. As the head of CCI in the Eastern region, he made extensive and persistent efforts in introducing and popularizing the use of Indian raw cotton in Bangladesh since 1991. He is honoured and respected for being a well trusted person for Indian Raw cotton in Bangladesh even today...

Mr.S.K Goenka
Mr. S.K. Goenka, Director of PANAS, is yet another motivational force who is nothing less than a financial wizard. He is into dying, finishing and printing textiles for the last three decades. He has the credits of running the biggest project in this line in Eastern India to himself. Apart from this, he takes keen interest in the finance market as well as Real Estates.

Mr.P. Arunbabu
Mr. Arunbabu is the CEO of the ginning factory and is also a retired officer of CCI. He has a vast experience in seed cotton purchasing, processing, quality maintenance, and is into ginning and pressing for the last 35 years.

Mr. R. C. Gupta
The man who defines 'call to action' most aptly, Executive Mr. R.C.Gupta has invested his knowledge into administration and marketing for last two and a half decades. His experience in the fields of administration, finance and marketing serves as a catalyst in pushing the success of the PANAS to new heights.

Ms. Poonam Goenka
Ms. Poonam Goenka is a CA & MBA from Manchester Business School and in the key person dealing with Finance, Banking Accounts and Company Affairs. She has long proven record of excellence in all the fields. She serves as key in financial management of the company.

Mr. V.P. Warade
Mr. V.P. Warade is the Manager of the ginning factory is a retired officer of Cotton Corporation of India Ltd (CCI). After putting in more than 35 years field work he retired from CCI and joined PANAS. He has vast experience in seed cotton purchasing, processing, quality maintenance, cotton seed processing and marketing.