Quality Policy

The company makes a never ending effort to increase the customer satisfaction, productivity and overall product value by a complete focus on the QUALITY POLICY. These policies confirm the company’s stand on Quality Assurance and provide legitimacy on all quality plans and decisions. The company has established, maintained and developed an efficient and effective Quality System which relates to personnel, materials, equipment, processes and systems that are followed right from the procurement of goods till the finished goods.

Panas has in its fold highly experienced cotton classers at every cotton growing states in the country. The cotton bales planned to be exported are sampled by its classers personally and after their visual assessment only the lots primarily selected are put for HVI testing in a reliable test house. On comparison of both its results final selection is done.

These policies are as follows:
  • Identifying and monitoring the quality aspects at the very elementary level
  • Develop highly motivated and skilled human resources imbued with a strong sense of values and commitment to quality
  • Providing a fulfilling and healthy work environment for the employees
  • Meeting and exceeding our own needs and expectations as well exceed internal and external customer needs
  • Detect and prevent any flaws during the process & implement the means to prevent its re-occurrence

The company takes pride in the quality of its products and these are attained by ensuring that a product meets the specified requirements in an efficient and economic sequence of activities that are RIGHT FROM THE VERY START.